In our community, the journey from thoughts to impactful actions in social work is filled with challenges. Many individuals and groups, driven by the ambition to foster a better world, navigate these hurdles with unwavering dedication. We recognize the importance of support in these endeavours and introduce the 'Sarthak Seva Sanman' award. This initiative celebrates the hard work of these changemakers by providing financial assistance, sharing their stories, and offering guidance and encouragement, aiming to be the support that uplifts their spirits and efforts.

The Sarthak Welfare Foundation, dedicated to sustainable development, focuses on nurturing children and youth, women's empowerment, and enhancing health and skills in numerous villages across Maharashtra. With a team of professionals, including counsellors, teachers, and doctors, the foundation commits to creating positive societal changes.

Annually, the 'Sarthak Seva Sanman' awards a cash prize of one lakh rupees and a certificate to those making significant social impacts. Additional financial aid and support are given to other deserving participants, tailored to the foundation's capabilities. Announced every August on Sarthak's anniversary, these awards symbolize our collective journey towards a better society.

We invite you to share this with potential nominees and submit nominations through this form:, fostering a community of support and recognition for those dedicated to social welfare.

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